Welcome to the home of survival! Within the pages of this site you'll find a variety of good, factual information on wilderness, rural, and urban survival.


mojave desertThanks for dropping by our survival page! We are all about survival, whether it be in a wilderness, rural, or urban setting.
Each different type of survival setting presents its own unique set of obstacles that must be adapted to and overcome by the survivor. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a ‘doomsday prepper’, occassional hiker, dedicated survivalist, or ‘accidental’ survivalist there is something here for you.
Here at Survival South Texas our focus is on what we consider to be necessary survival skills. We will also include pages and posts on such subjects as “Bugging Out vs Bugging In”, “How To Make A Survival Cache Tube”, and general guidelines on how much food and water you’ll need per person in various prepping scenarios. Additionally, check out our Survival Store, it contains a lot of good knives, tools, survival and prepping books, fire starters, water filters, and many more items!  wildernesswater
When developing our survival philosophy we used the “Rule of Three’s” as our anchor point to keep us on track: You can survive three days without water, three months without food, three hours without shelter, and three minutes without air. We will also cover a broad range of other survival topics from how to start a fire from scratch, to indispensable items that should be included in everyone’s emergency survival pack. We’ll address other topics, too, such as:

    • How to find water in a survival setting
    • How to purify the water that you do find so that it is safe for your consumption
    • How to trap wild game
    • How to set up a survival camp
    • Navigation in the wild
  • Much, much more!

Additionally, we’ll take you on survival trips, via YouTube, where we’ll tie these survival skills together. Who knows? You may even want to go on an outing with us!